Rank Upgrades


In a thrilling Siyntra Studios adventure, players embark on a quest to upgrade their rank from novice to seasoned warrior. Armed with perseverance and skill, they navigate treacherous landscapes, battle formidable mobs, and gather precious resources. Through a series of epic battles and cunning strategies, they conquer daunting dungeons and emerge as triumphant champions. With their rank upgraded, they unlock new abilities, gain access to exclusive areas, and earn the respect of fellow players in this immersive pixelated Server.

When Purchasing these products please consider that you MUST own the previous rank in order to upgrade, doing so will result in ranking at the lowest rank possible.

Mythic to Legend
99.99 USD
Master to Mythic
59.99 USD
Ultra to Master Rank
29.99 USD
Expert to Ultra Rank
15.99 USD
Elite to Expert Rank
6.99 USD


No!


0.00 USD